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Some still think they can test braid themselves, compare one to the other yes, test it's bs, NO,,, Read more in the Forum,, Testing of lines. Paulus




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Well we were kind of new to this, I say "were and new", as we learnt real quick, we got 4 Marlin and 4 YFT and lots and lots of Albacore.  So we started out a little slow, but now up there. We prefer to fish mid week, as it is a little quieter out.


This is Swansea boat ramp and the entrance to the ocean that we head out from, just makes it easy. We can also launch at the Stocton ramp, to do our Newcastle Fishing.

The Shelf  is 55 to 70 Km out, can take from 1.5 to 2,5 hrs to get there, it can be a bumpy trip, only thing you see is, Ocean, Birds, Dolphins and more Water, we also use a Whale / Debris watcher, as it is dangerous.

Boat Paulus trolling setup Video

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This is the troll / lure setup, the 8 lures are trolled at between 9 and 12 kilometres an hour, depending on seas, the deep divers are on 24 kg gear as they create a massive amount of drag. the teaser runs under the shotguns and above the deep divers, and sharp turns are out of the question.


When we have hooked a Marlin we do not chase them down, that is back up the boat, or drive into the fish, we do like to keep the fish on the right hand back quarter, this is so the driver can see both the angler, the helper / gaff man, line position and the fish. This is because its easy to loose a hard fought fish under the boat in the last stages.

Bringing in a big fish is very much a team effort as their is a lot of work done, at the helm, and by the helper, who's job it is to liaise between the helmsman and the person on the rod. We also try to fight the fish on the surface and not down deep. You do travel many miles by the time you have the fish at the boats side.

Paulus leaning into his second Marlin, this shows the position in the boat with Dean as a helper, That is a 24kg rod, and the fish at around 90 kg was let go and swam away, fight time 43minutes.


Mate Dan working hard on a YFT, that's Yellow Fin Tuna.


Steve working hard on a Marlin, this is the first Marlin hooked onboard Paulus. Sorry to say lost at the boat after 3hrs 55min. That was a big Blue, a hard way to start out as the first.


How nice does it get, 55 km out to sea, blue and as smooth as, but not always.


This is a shot of a YFT trying hard to get traction in the water, these are a fast fish.


This Marlin was released to fight another day, that particular home made lure has caught a few.



Big Game

This is a situation that changes daily (every time you go out), but it seams that after a long run that the fish do follow you.

We have seen fish on the way to the shelf and pulled up 10 mins later and set up, to find that we have had hook ups, hits and strikes within minutes of setting the spread out, then getting nothing more for the day.

Some one said just pull up and give the engine a few revs to get them excited. Maybe it works.



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