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Some still think they can test braid themselves, compare one to the other yes, test it's bs, NO,,, Read more in the Forum,, Testing of lines. Paulus




Inshore Fishing




Harbour & Lake,, Inshore Fishing Light Line Fishing Page 1.


This is more about Light fishing, casting / flicking a few plastics about, both from boat and land / shoreline.


Inshore,,, Swansea and Newcastle Fishing areas, that are currently being fished.

Hunter River, Areas around Kooragang Island, Ash Island.

Lake Macquarie, in and around.

Wallis Lake, great flathead ground



This is an area that is called Kooragang Island, looking north on the east side, it is great for Flathead, easy to fish and where I have picked up a number of very large 2 to 6.5 kg  flathead.


This is looking south with Newcastle City to the left, I guess this can be called  Fishing and coal loading. Some very good fish are caught in this area.


Well we went and threw a few Plastics around, and the end result was I got out fished by my brother inlaw who is not a fisherman in anyway, this greedy little Tailor, attacked a lure as big as himself.

I did not see a fish get caught, by anyone. So I guess Mark did well. Love the gumboots.




Threw a few plastics about this morning for three nice flathead.

Went to my usual spot and the wind came up almost immediately, I lost a lure third cast, so thought I might try a spot where the wind is behind me. Had a few casts when I hooked up on a good Flathead, right at my feet amongst the rocks, he shook his head that much he threw the Lure.


Now I have always said, that a flathead will go straight to ground, settle and stay in the general area / spot, so I concentrated about where I lost it, problem being its right near the oysters, lures and oysters don't mix well, it generally takes a few while for them to have another shot at the lure, so about two casts later lifting the rod to keep the lure clear the oysters, up it came and took a swipe at the lure, and it missed the damn thing.

After a few more casts I had the lure almost at my feet and whack whack, it was on, as it tore off away from the rocks it took some line, but it was mine to be had, about 680mm long, nice fish.


After many more casts no more to be had, well not in that spot, so it was just the one fish there it seems.

I moved into another area and picked up a 400mm flathead, thought where there are small one their are big ones, and I was right, I got a really good hit and it did not hook up well and I dropped it, did the same thing, picked it up after another six or so casts, nice fish as well. So it seems that they do stay in the area.




This area around the southern end of Kooragang looking east, a top spot, and does get fished heavily




This is the same spot looking north west, Water moves in a strange way around the southern end. 




Always a spot you can fish out of the wind.


08,01, 2009, Fishing with Bluey on Lake Macquarie


Paulus out for a fish with Bluey (Mr BigCatch) to catch a few flatties in Lake Macquarie, and what a hot Wednesday it was.

We launched in Belmont bay, not a good ramp as I can almost walk it in my gumboots, but close to where the fishing was to be done.

We started of with Bluey trying to win a Whiting competition, very nice fish, but wound up 15mm short.

Then we missed a few big flathead, with Bluey dropping a very big fish, things tended to go quiet, in that spot, so off we set to the Coon Island area, we both picked up a good Flathead each, with Bluey having one very big flattie hitting him 5 times in a row and then breaking off.

I hooked a very big fish that sent things scuttling, Bluey moving rods as the fish went around the boat and taking heaps of line, this thing put a bend in the rod like never before, thinking this has got to be a big big flathead, as I got it toward the boat, Bluey with the net ready, I took one look at the fish, won't need the net mate, I had foul hooked an Angel Leather Jacket. well could have been different.

I picked up a small Squid with Bluey getting a nice mid sized Cuttlefish, Bluey grabs it and asks you want to keep it Paulus,,,, um ar er, yes why not,,, now have you got the ink out of that yet,,,, no,,,, well stop pointing it at me. I turned around to see where my lure was, and of coarse you know it, I got drowned with the biggest shower,, of water, Bluey damn near fell out of the boat laughing, just lucky it was water and not ink.

At one stage we had no breeze at all, and it got as hot as, we could see rough water to the south, so headed to it just for a little relief from the temperature.

Later we set off to secret spot 1,,, Mmmmm nothing, then off to secret spot 2,,, Mmmmm again nothing, then back to where we started, got to have another crack, still nothing, so home was the best place to go.

Well we must have thrown a million lures, and my shoulders are going to be sore tomorrow.

Lots of laughs, dropped lots of fish, and good company.

A great day out with Bluey (Mr BigCatch)

Thanks Mate great day. Paulus.




This is the Angel Leather Jacket, never seen one before.




Bluey with his Flathead. Not huge but a nice fish.


15,01,2009 Just throwing a few Plastics around Kooragang  Thanks to Googleearth.com




Thought I would try to get a few Flathead around Kooragang, this is fishing off the bank / rocks.

I started on the eastern side as I always do, not enough water being low tide,

So moved onto the west side of the Island. Only took 1/2 a dozen casts and I had landed one nice Flathead, the next one took a little longer.

Can you believe I am standing on the shoreline casting out when a small tinnie comes past and drops a crab trap just to the left of me, I just stood and looked at them, must have got the message as they decided to pull it up and move it out further. In watching all this carry on, I go to pull my lure in and its heavy, thinking caught some old line and sinker or branch, lots about, winding it in, about 7 mts away it starts thrashing about, well a nice big flathead and a good one at that.

The Tailor had set in and lures were being munched up big time, three casts to a lure and you wound up with a stump. 




Things were starting to heat up like 39.0 deg with the nor-westerly picking up, so I decided to move to the south of the island, cast a few lures but nothing. So moved again.

Back to where I started, and first cast found me hit big, three times now that was a big flattie, but as the heat beat me, and it will wait for another day,,, maybe tomorrow.




16,01,2009 Back to get the big flattie today


Out with new vigour this morning, but a hard road, got some small Flathead sent them back to fight another day.

Not as hot as yesterday, but the fish were a little more elusive. went to the eastern side to try to nail that big one.




It did hit, and I did hook up with it, but it was right next to the pipe and oysters and the fish did meet, I could feel it on the end of the line but could not put on any pressure. we sea sawed a little but broke off, did get another big hit, but it was time to give it away.

As you can see that the pipe runs out a long way, and has a lot of very sharp Oysters, some look good.

Note: The flathead Lays,,, they have been about, well when that photo was taken. About 900mm long.




I am going to fish this tomorrow, the river lies to the left, bit of a walk, but what a spot.

Good fishing at the fork in the river ahead, Flathead, Jew fish, Bream and whatever else bites.

Back tomorrow


17,01,2008 Kooragang / Stocton & Ash Island


The wind was so bad that nothing worked my way at all. At Kooragang the southerly seemed to be too windy no matter where I tried, so moved over to the other side of the rivers north arm on the Stocton side, lots of small tailor, that are Lure destroyers, no bigger fish so off to Ash Island.

You have to walk this track as it has a gate across it, about a km to the point I suppose.




We have a number of islands not sure what they all are, this shows the area you need to walk, You can also go to the pontoon and fish off it as well.




This is where the above track comes out, looking south.




This is looking North West. At low tide you can see an Aboriginal Rock fish trap, so I was told.




This is looking East South East, the pontoon would be about 1.2 km away from the point.




This is the Rotunda at the point, great spot for a fish and a family lunch.


I did not get any fish, lost a few lures, had a great walk and a good time.



19,01,2009 T trip with Wayne (Baity) to Wisemans Ferry.


Left Wayne's place at 10.00 am to do a little fishing and get a few supplies, the idea to be throw a few plastics on the way down.

We saw some great fishing spots on the way, we pulled up and threw a few and Wayne got a tree hard to the left and a long way away,,,, got the lure back more than lucky.

I got a great cast away, well  over a tree branch, and managed to get my lure back, small tailor were a pest, snapping at the tails of the lures, seen a lot of what seemed to be big Mullet jumping.




Waynes  tree is hard left.




Pauls tree




Just another spot we stopped at, and threw a few lures.




Wayne trying his hand, no luck though.




The ferry ride was great, had not been in this area for 10 years or so.


Wayne caught a small Tailor, said now I have out fished you, well claimed to have, but dropped it off the hook so it was not counted, well I recon it's not counted.


So all you Fishos, its a well worth while to visit this area, go and have a look on a weekend, scenic drive and throw a few lures, may not get fish but great scenery.

I got some great prawns, had no idea how to cook them, Google helped, being so fresh was different.


Guys, great eating Prawns. and they are the best looking things for Bait, that I have ever seen.

Get in touch with Wayne for some, on 0411 440318.    Efishnsea Bait Supply

Great Day good company, Thanks Wayne


20,01,2009.   Tying to get a flattie for a feed.


Headed out to Kooragang to throw a few plastics and maybe a nice Flathead.

Got to my local spot at 7.15 am and tried all the Gulp colours in the 5 inch, nothing, I saw were they had been, and realised that they were not far away, but they were more than reluctant. just some small tailor destroying the plastics.




These are some mean Flathead Lays in the photo above, so I stuck around for a while, thinking I got to hit one sooner or later, but tried, all the colours except for some oldies I had on hand. So I kept trying, I knew that the fish were there and out further, knowing that and I do have a snag about 2.5 mts south of the pipe 30 or so mts out. (must be a bunch of lures out there).

So I changed to the pink / black 105 mm Softie Curl tail and first cast Whack and Whoa a heavy line, could not believe it. Changed to all these Gulp, and get it on old faithful Softie.




I threw a lot more lures for nothing. and decided the move north. That is a nice fish,


I moved further north using the same lure, nothing, so back to the Gulp.

At this stage you need to check your line as a big flattie does a lot of damage, to your line, even on a double at the hook it can let you down.

 Now with Flathead you know the size of the fish by the hit to the lure, and the next two hits were more than big, fair shook the rod, thought I had him twice,,,, just kept hitting, now we are talking a big big fish here.

Next cast the lure went a lot further than ever,,, but no line attached.  End of one lure sailing into the distance.  I got another hit from this fish, without a hook up, so cleaned the one I got and this other bugger I will get tomorrow,,,, maybe.

Great day out, and got a feed.



23,01,2009, The last 3 days.


Fishing fishing and more Fishing, and I got nothing except for today a good Flathead and a Tailor, I put him back,,, the Tailor that is.

Its been more than very quiet the last few days, to say the least. Now just a little food for thought here, while standing out in the sun perspiring, I thought if I were the Flathead would I be her, No, I would be in deeper water or in the shade. I could see where they had been each day, and today the lays were good and very big, but they were gone now, hence the lack of bites i was getting.

So I thought I would go elsewhere and throw a few about, telling myself this is the last cast and I am going to make a move, (I already said that 10 times) would you believe it, as I am retrieving the lure it gets jammed in something on the bottom, isn't that just the way, well I tried every thing to dislodge it. I even walked upstream and rattled the rod at it, and all that you can do at this stage is break it off, then when I least expected it, all of a sudden the line takes off  with head shakes, well well now, be dammed a fish and a good flattie at that, first one in three days.

I did try a few more areas but nothing, lost 3 lures in a blink,,,, time to go home. But got a feed.

Now for tomorrow!!!!!

I may try a little earlier in the morning, before they go into hiding / or get out of the sun.



26,01,2009, Today and Yesterday


Yesterday was not a good fishing day for me, lost a heap of lures to pesky Tailor.  Dropped two flatties and took nothing home, I fished all the usual spots and wound up at the southern end of Kooragang as a final few casts before going home.

Casting into the wind is not easy at the best of time, and the southerly did not help, I was being more than  careful, as I thought the fish would be in close to the oysters, Third cast I had the lure at my feet and winding it up before it got hooked up, Then Crash it got caught, I was half expecting a bite, and I lifted the rod tip up when this monster flathead came thrashing to the surface, it frightened the bloody shit out of me, and it spat the hook. It gave me such a fright all I could do was laugh, with the only problem being, I could not find it again. So headed home.


Today I got there and it started to drizzle, wet gear does not work well in the heat so it was uncomfortable fishing.  The third cast saw me hooked up pretty solid to a very good fish, it had a few runs before it was netted, being just under 2 kg. I did pick up another good sized fish a little later on, moved again to the southern end, and dropped one, a few more hits, before deciding to go home.




Over cast and drizzle all day, but a few fish about.




Sat the camera on the fish box, and a 10 second timer, well first try.



28,01,2009 With Wayne (Baity) and TD (Roger)


We Met at Kooragang at the pipe and threw a few plastics about, Wayne caught a very small Tailor and announced that he was in the lead, as I had nothing.


Rogers dog is interesting to watch, as he keeps an eye on your hand movements, probably the easiest way fir him to see if you have a fish on. What happens then I do knot know what.


We all moved around the south end as it got a little breezy, I watched Roger walk back to us with a grin and a very big bream,  and then announced that he had dropped a very large Flathead.

Wayne was now trying very hard, and had equipped his jig head with a 7 inch jerk shad, that came back after the first cast a considerable amount shorter, and after the third cast the tail was missing up to the hook,  F#@%$# Tailor was all I heard, as he went back for another.

By now I had changed over to a Softie 100 mm fish in silver and picked up a nice Flathead.  We decided to move around to the west side where Roger was, but in the end time beat us for more fish, so it was time to go Gents.

A great day out with two great guys. Paulus 


01,02,2009 Throwing a few Plastics


Yesterday all I got a real was a very nice flathead, I had been fishing for about an hour in all the usual spots for very little, when I moved to an area that I do get fish at, but with long casts out to some weed spots, now can you believe I get there and first cast I am on, a guy to the left of me in a red trophy boat was watching and yells out, mate that's a great fish not bad for your first cast,,, little does he know.

But it was a good fish.


So last night Denise said I am going for a bike ride in the morning with a friend, so who am I to let an opportunity go by.

Out this morning to my starting spot and,,,, hello I have my mate Wayne having a fish after work, but the tide is too low and mentioned better move. We got to the southern end of the Island and spots are taken, any way we find a good spot to have a fish.

Watching Wayne on my right standing on an oyster bed in his gumboots, (he is new to fishing in gumboots) and I see that he has a octopus moving up his boots pulling as they do, moving about he said I was wondering what was going on. At the same time he had a puffer fish on, I wanted to get a photo, but missed both.


I put back a small Flathead for another fight, and moved to deeper water. The whole area is not fishing well at the moment, a fish here and there,,, poor, so I will look at a few new areas,, maybe Ash Island in the morn, on the pontoon. Out Wide in the Boat Wednesday GREAT.

Great weather at the moment, but not for off shore.





02,02,2009 looking for a new spot


Spent a lot of time driving gravel roads today  good scenery but no fish,

Went out over Ash Island bridge out to the Pontoon and threw a few plastics, very quiet and no fish in the area.



This is a great spot to fish, with a good access, just respect the area as the guys in charge are about. So how good is this,,,,,




This is looking to the west from the pontoon great flatties and Bream. and big big stuff at night.


From here I moved east then south along the road to find a great spot, this could well be a good area.




Then I shifted along here further north to another area. this is a great area.




This has been a great day, a few throw backs, and some great hits.  Just great spots to have a fish.

But where are all the fish of late???





I have been fishing with a single hook, and Gulp plastics. I found that I have been missing a lot of hook ups, I have been getting the strikes but missing the fish.

The small Tailor give the 125mm jerk shad a terrible hiding, a costly game when they are about.

Yesterday I decided to go back to my Softies (from Freddy's fishing world) I have been setting them up with the trebles in them.

So I am back to catching the fish again, first cast yesterday and a hook up, I got 3 Flathead to day 2 went back to fight another day, and hung onto this one.  






For Paulus, This is back to basics, with the Plastics, and bringing home a feed..
Well after my trip out with Bluey in the lake a little time back, when he was getting some great hits, and I was missing out.
Bluey said, try this Paulus, a single hook and a 125mm gulp, good stuff, and I got a flattie, that was for the that day, then nothing.
Now to continue on, this goes back to basics and all the stuff lost on NF, and i will never forgive that situation, that's all gone.
I needed to go back, and look at why i went the way i did, only trebles on flatties, nothing else.
So after weeks of fishing with gulp and single hooks, great hits and shredded lures, then many many missed hook ups, you know that they are big flathead and you missed it, time and time again, I said big big flathead, rod shakers.
So back to the Softies and the trebles.
Yesterday first cast for the day, at my feet a big one, but it was to fresh and to close to me, we were not in a fighting position, it's at my feet, a raw 2 kg flattie, wrong angle and threw the lure,,,, now I didn't know who got the biggest fright.
So to day first hit a small tailor--- lure still intact, Then a flattie put back, then another, let go.
Cast out again and the line went heavy, a few head shakes, and I knew i was on big time--- no hit and misses now --- Just on.
The fish came toward me and then a few runs, at the end of it all, in the net a 2 kg Flattie.
So where to now, Keep in mind big Flatties only.



This is how the treble jig head is made, round shaft and a flattened shaft that's to stop the plastic lure turning.


Went out on Sunday and got a few flathead no misses, with this set up.



24,03, 2009

Note A small amount of the above Jig Heads are available from Efishnsea Bait Supply


Out with Wayne the Baitman on Kooragang.


Well, went out with the Baitman today and I thought that I was going to make this a little err, see which is the best, trebles or single hooks.
So we settle on the east side of Kooragang, then Wayne pulls out the secret weapon, a softie with trebles, well that put paid to that idea.
Anyway second cast I latch onto a flattie right in front of me, frightened the shit out of me. Wayne near fell off the rock he was on,,,, did you see how wide the head was on that,,,, yeh yeh I did for about 5 seconds. Anyway Wayne gets a hit, fish goes behind a rock, and lobs and in the end he looses the lure.
Nothing else about so we decided to move.

Next spot I get a flattie, which was good, nothing else about again, so move again, another good Flattie big head shakes a run and it was gone. So we now wind up at the end of kooragang, Wayne said I am going to Squid bait, and drop in a line, guys the squid was huge, thought hell that needs a good Jewfish.
So while I throw a few plastics about, I watch the tip of his rod, tap tap tap, small tailor (feeding the shit) then whack and Wayne pulls in a 600 mm flattie,,, well I will be.

So it takes him 20 mins to come back to throw another line,,,, what ya been doin mate (((( had to send a pic of the fish )))) I had to prove that I out fished Paulus, (the shot is probably all around the world by now) Crikies the squid was as large as the bloody fish, bet he still has the photo.



But Guys what a great day,,,, could not have been better, great day and great company. Baity need to do it again soon.
Paulus,,,, yep you got the best fish on a single hook,,,, Mmmm but you had 2 hooks on a single leader.

The plastics with the trebles are a better bet on flathead. see above.



Well it had to happen sooner or later. and it comes in threes.

Found some new spots off the rocky bank around Kooragang Island, and I just caught a nice flathead, so into the net and up to the car,,, well that was my intention. Standing on the rock, water half way up my gumboots, the fish in the net in one hand, rod in the other I turned to go up a rock and overbalanced so needed to step back, and back being the water. So down I went, with one foot in 3ft of water, I was soon back up, with a boot full. luckily as I stepped back there was a rock I stepped onto, had it not been there I would have been swimming, phone and all.
On the way to the car, walking through the long grass, i fell through and fell into a hole about 2 ft deep. Any way I got the fish. On the way back I slipped and wound up on my arse on a rock, and that hurt. So that was number three.
I went into a new area, with a lot of debris in front of me, and thought if I hook a fish here I will not be able to land it, so shifted some logs and stuff just in front to give a little clearing and a spot to stand. Then took my first cast, Smash one 650mm flattie, just as well I made room, 10 minutes later another, not a bad spot this.
Then another now this one was huge and after a run, it stopped and just laid behind some thing, and stayed there, I could not shift it so I waited it wasn't going to happen so I busted off in the end.
Great day to be out, and may try again in the morning.






























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