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Some still think they can test braid themselves, compare one to the other yes, test it's bs, NO,,, Read more in the Forum,, Testing of lines. Paulus




Line & Knots Used





We use Tasline All White Series Braid by Paulus Just Fishing.


Not many knots but very important, I find with Big Game and or Small Lure fishing a bad Knot spells the end, and has done, that's before we came up with these combinations.

Note we use Braid / Mono combinations for all fishing.

With Big Game as in all our fishing, the line we prefer is a Tasline Braid / Mono combination. Because we use smaller (Tiagra 30W and Omoto 700 series) Reels, we do need to get more line on, and braid allows us to do this, aprox 1000 mts of 65 or 50 lb line, and 40mts of mono over the top. Using Braid out the back of the boat for trolling, only spells trouble, as it can get blown about in the wind and you get impossible tangles, because it has no stretch you tend to pull hooks, both at the strike & fighting stages.

With light lure fishing inshore, we use Tasline All White Series braid by Paulus this braided line extremely fine, its tested at 14lb it's the thinnest possible (see line tests). With this we use a 6 lb or 15lb shocker about twice the length of the rod, if you don't use a shocker you will pull hooks when the fish shakes its head, as the Braid has very little stretch, and very unforgiving. I use a medium hardness leader, and refuse to use a so called Fluro carbon as a leader.

Why use Braid, well you can cast further throwing a lures, less drag in the water and can feel the fish bite in 100 to 250 mt depths. But you do need that shocker.

Platting your line (great on mono but not as good with braid), you will pick it up off the web, you need to practice a lot. Right over the centre, left over the centre, etc etc. These days it's a Bimini Twist to make the loop, see the tool. Then the Pullon leader system is the strongest way to join leaders to braid.


Click for Animated Knots :-

 1. Albright by Paulus     2. Double Blood by Paulus    2. Uni Knot   

3. Surgeons Loop   4. Clinch, improved   5. Hangmans Uni   6. San Diego   

7. Blood Double in Eye    9. New Double Uni     Loop to Loop Knot

Click for Bimini Twist Knot Making tool

 Braid to Leader Knot discussion.

Bimini tool operating instructions PDF, 10/09/09. Page 1.  Page 2.


Try this knot on your light lines





  Here is how it's done




 Light braid to heavy braid as a step up in leader and terminal knot strength.




 For most of your fishing including topshots for big game use the pullon system.


Light Lure Fishing,,,, I use the Clinch Knot, to tie the loop to the lure, so you can easily undo it to change lures, If the line breaks it will be at the Surgeons Loop, so you do not loose your leader and just tie a new loop.




The Albright knot I use to tie my heavier lines to my braid, its best to use a bimini twist loop on your braid.

    The above version can be done with a single strand of braid or the flattened and folded version as shown. 
    As ma
ny as 12 versions of this knot are available, some of which can be seen below.
    Differing versions of the albright



The Double blood is the best knot for tying a leader to a line of similar size, or while the leader material will form.




 The Uni knot is a quick knot to make but not as strong as the double blood.




The Surgeons end loop I use as a double at the end of my leader, then I tie it to the lure, also as a sinker loop.




The Clinch knot I use to tie my leader to terminal and jig heads, when a double (loop) is used the tag is not passed through the last twist, this knot can be undone to change lures.




The Uni knot, also known as the Hangmans Uni, is also good for tying hard heavier lines to hooks and terminals.




Loop to Loop knot is great to join a twisted leader to a loop in the lain line, this can also be used to join a folded leader (loop) great strength. it need to pass through 4 times to be 95+%.




This is a loop for hollow core braided line, about 95% strong, not 100% as some seem to think, make sure that the tag end is tapered out or it will be 90%.

Using the splice wire. Straighten out the braid before you start the insertion, run the braid between your thumb nail and fore finger each side to loosen it up, only push the wire through about 20 / 25mm at a time, keep the braid in line with the splice wire, occasionally hold the braid with the wire in it, and pull on the braid a little to keep it all inline. 

More info





Making Leaders using hollow braid.


Hollow braid to mono leader Pressure serve. See how it's done






Bimini Twist tool in action.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nC5ucm_uv1k



This Knot is a twist to make a loop or a double, used to spread the load on a braid by putting it across two legs, and then onto the leader. Now a new holding system for the twist.


Bimini tool operating instructions PDF, 10/09/09. Page 1.  Page 2.





New Knot for light braid to heavy braid as a leader excellent result. This development will lead to more and new knots.

Go to the bottom of the menu on the left.

        Learn the 5 knots and that's all you need



HOOKS Big Game this is how we set them up, at 90 degrees to one another, stainless steel wire between, and mainly use the ridged stiff hook setup. seems to hook up better.



CRIMPING is one of the most important things to get right, I have seen many types of crimping and tested a lot.

The most important issue is to have the line in the crimp snug, too big a crimp and it will fail early.

The clip shown is a home made version and very strong.

Referring to the crimping itself, this is one method of doing it but not the best method.



Crimping mono onto an eyelet.


This is a flemish eye crimped join, a knot on the eylet, this tightens up and takes some of the load off the tag end so the crimp has less to do, strongest method found.



All these lures shown below failed a crimp test, so re-crimp all your lures, some could be pulled apart just by pulling on them by hand. All small Game lures, should withstand 35+ kg pull, so set up a weight and try to lift it, with the hooks attached. Its when you grab the leader and hold the fish, you do not need a failure.




For the OFFSHORE SET-UP, I use this, the only swivel is on the main line. Easy & low cost.


The reason is that you can loose a lot of gear, and this setup can be pre-made, so no time is lost during fishing time. I keep about 10 of these on hand, especially when the leather jackets are about. Generally 50lb and hooks as required. Only 2 simple knots.



Paternoster Rig extra strong

I Thought this was a stronger setup than the above listed setup, with only a total of 3 knots.

I modified this knot so it was stronger.





Inspect for, Rusty hooks, more so the bent points you can have them without the rust.

The damaged leader is a problem as it may not be noticed, and will loose you your fish.

I carry a medium grade diamond file to sharpen the hooks. All adds to missed fish.

Easier to do a leader, line, knot, crimp and hook check before you go out.




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