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Some still think they can test braid themselves, compare one to the other yes, test it's bs, NO,,, Read more in the Forum,, Testing of lines. Paulus




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MONO TESTS         

THIS PAGE              Cross check results with the Braid Test page


What a mess these stated braid strengths are,,, EU verses USA


CHECK the BREAKING STRAIN against the DIAMETER D(A) for the best line.  go to the Line Testing & Line Review pages to cross check.

 It has taken years to get to this point, testing every day, a lot of time on researching and developing braid holding methods, this translates to very accurate breaking strain results, leading to better manufactured braided lines.

The listed test results have been achieved by using certified test equipment and worlds best practice in braid holding methods.

Should you find you can't equal my test results it does not mean that my results are wrong, but that you are testing it incorrectly.

Many of you do not seem to get the message that you cannot test lines yourself, your own results should reflect that fact.

  "Testing lines yourself, Please read this"   "The best way to spool your line"

 Note; diameters shown are all measured in the same manor, and are for comparison purposes on this website only.

The Data changes daily, Link to the main page do not copy and paste. These Test results are the property of Paulus Van Gaal



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