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Some still think they can test braid themselves, compare one to the other yes, test it's bs, NO,,, Read more in the Forum,, Testing of lines. Paulus




Plastic Lines & Leaders, Test Results


All test results are the property of  Paulus Van Gaal. Do not copy.


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What a Mess these stated braid strengths are,,, EU verses USA



I run between 3 and 5 tests on each sample, results are the average of  3 tests (A) , and I list (B) best result.
(A) = Average,   (B) = Best,   D = Diameter in mm. 

Lines tested to GFAA line Testing to Australian Standard AS2001-2.7  using professional equipment.

Number in the first box is hardness,  compare lines of similar diameter against each other.   Property of Paulus Van Gaal Do not copy

         Paulus    paulvg@pcwi.com.au



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