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Piscatus Bottom Mapping




Click here for Piscatus Slide Show

As the boat travels along it gathers information from the GPS and Depth Sounder, then a powerful onboard computer crunches the numbers and produces a contour  map of the bottom, this info is saved and added to, every time the area is visited. This is all viewed on a 17 inch screen. The boats position can be seen, so it is easy to head back to where the fish are, well were. Its a "well informed" very busy Cockpit. You can spend an awful lot of time looking at this, as it is more than interesting, takes you away from your fishing.


This is how it works, the GPS sends a signal "as to where you are" to the Sonar, and it sees the depth, then both signals are sent to the Computer, it draws the Bottom Contour Map, Colour indicates depth, Viewed in 3D. It knows where you are and remembers every time you visit the area and up dates the Map.


These are some of the tracks it remembers, and I can go and look at the these current / past tracks, as it is updating, it does show if we have been in the area before, as it all ways adds the fresh information. Its a little like a road map in 3D.


This is a scattered wreck, not a lot left of it. but then the shot is zoomed out.


This is what the sounder sees although it does not remember it. And Piscatus does not see the fish. So its a situation where you need marry the two together, that peak at the bottom Left is a propeller standing up E to W, and on the right is it N to S it with some ropes and buoys hanging off it,  the rest are small fish.


This is a Reef  area off Catho, the area to the left of the boat is a cave. Mmm good fishing.


This is the Farm, it is actually a drop over of about 17 to 20 meters


This another of off Catho, zoomed out and showing the shore line.


This is a shot of the Shelf where all the Marlin are caught, the water here gets very deep, and goes from 155mts to over 1000mts. this is about 52km out from Swansea heads and also Newcastle.

Another Shelf  is  further out goes even deeper 5 plus km deep. Well it shows where you are, and how. Consider if you are in the boat and where the boat actually is, makes it easy when fishing.


This is the Redhead Wreck you can see the bow of the Vessel, the area to the left has not yet been drawn by Piscatus as we had not yet been over it. the holes shown are 6mts deep, and do hold some good fish. These Colours I no longer use. Was early Days, and just playing, well seeing how it all works.  The small boat on the surface represents the Mapping boat (Paulus), it shows where you are and direction you are heading, it also shows distance from the screen curser, so you know how far you have drifted off.


Below is Texas area that is about 32 km south/east of Swansea


This is a zoomed out shot of the lake, I am sure the boat is just off green point, at the trench.


This is the area around Moon island


This is in the lake, a deep hole can get to 15 mts deep


This is just out from the Croudace Bay boat ramp


 I will add more


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