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Hi Guy's

Some still think they can test braid themselves, compare one to the other yes, test it's bs, NO,,, Read more in the Forum,, Testing of lines. Paulus




About Paulus



About Paulus


 Hi Guys


Just a little about Paulus and what The Just Fishing site is all about.


This site gives you the Fisherman a chance to compare between the mass of braid and mono lines out there.

The world is shrinking and data flows fast, we have EU braids vastly different to the braids sold in the rest of the World, these are now crossing over with a lot of confusion. Listed / stated breaking strains can be the lines absolute strength and then the lines knot strength, so lots of confusion, especially with listed diameters where the truth is than often bent a little, so the listings on this site are an important resource.


So who is Paulus.


I am a Joint Managing Director of PCWI International.  PCWI manufactures and designs industrial and medical testing instruments -- with 70 distributors in 50 countries.

Within PCWI we have a certified Quality Controlled test laboratory, and amongst the things we manufacture and measure are thickness calibration standards for NASA and companies such Boeing and General Motor Auto manufacturers. 

As a sitting member of the Australian and New Zealand Standards association, having been party to writing standards I fully understand test methods, procedures and protocols.

I am considered by many to be the world leader in braid testing and now spend some of my time designing braid, and had designed the Tasline "All White Series".

I test braids for many importers, resellers and manufacturers, such as Momoi, Western Filament and BHP Tackle in the USA. 

I keep dated test data and line samples as per the requirements of the QC system and laboratory requirements.

My breaking strain test results are generally slightly higher than the likes of IGFA and GFAA, as my braid holding methods are far superior to what is being used.

A lot of my time is spent testing braid and this is all done for free, this involves some very expensive specialized equipment -- with all costs and upkeep on me.

My testing is a hobby to the side of PCWI, a few accolades for the free gratis testing is nice. 

My customers are the extreme fishos wanting to know the exact breaking strain numbers of their braid.

I may be the only one doing Research and Development (R & D) in braid and mono test methods, including knots, leaders and developing the Pullon leader system.


A statement from a fellow fisho and friend at the University of Newcastle, Engineering Department.

Paul Van Gaal lives close to me and is an inventor from the "old school" with a passion for understanding (and improving) fishing lines & knots. Based on his experience from testing hundreds of different types of braids from around the world, his site enables anglers to know what they are getting when they buy a line as known brand or a pretested braid he makes available for the extreme fishos, the site is hugely popular in Oz and now throughout the world.




The results of line tests are provided from samples provided in good faith as described by the people submitting them.  The tests are undertaken with industry standard electronic tensile testing equipment -- using the Worlds best practice techniques appropriate to the material type being tested.

Any branded product of a manufacturer, distributor or reseller who does not believe the test results reflect their typical product as described and tested, are welcome to provide additional samples for comparison testing and inclusion in the line test data set.

All the breaking strain test results are factual and accurate this is due to the superior line holding method I use. I retain samples for retesting should I need to.

Diameters indicated have been measured then averaged, which due to the method I use lists them on slightly on the thinner side rather than the thicker side, all the listed lines have been measured and tested in the same manner and are for comparison purposes between braids on the Just Fishing site only. 


It has taken years to get to this point, testing every day, a lot of time on researching and developing braid holding methods, this translates to  very accurate breaking strain results, leading to better manufactured braided lines.

The listed test results have been achieved by using certified test equipment and worlds best practice in braid holding methods.

Should you find you can't equal my test results it does not mean that my results are wrong, but that you are testing it incorrectly.

Many of you do not seem to get the message that you cannot test lines yourself, your own results should reflect that fact.



For your information.

It takes an hour to test a line and get the information on the web page,,, so count the lines and do the sums.


Paulus also known as;

The Braid Guru.

The Train spotter of braid.

The Knot Nut.

The Aficionado of fishing line.





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Line testing:

Send your 4.5 metre long samples to:

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